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Barney Fife is Alive and Well in Atlanta

According to CBS Atlanta, Barney Fife is working for Atlanta PD. Imagine if you will, a conversation much like this:
Chief: "So, uh, where'd you say that gun was?"
Green: "Well, uh, I think I might have left it in my trunk."
Chief: "Well, is it in there now?"
Green: "Well, uh, no."
Chief: "So, how did it get out of the trunk?"
Green: "Uh, well, if you must know, the crack dealer took it when I didn't pay up."
No shit.

Biggest issue here:
"Atlanta police officials said in a statement Monday that they are still looking for the gun. 'At this time we are not commenting on the drug testing. The officer is suspended with pay pending a hearing with the chief of police,' the statement said."
What the fuck? Why are they paying him while they investigate his positive cocaine test and loss of his work weapon? Seriously.


  1. hahahahahahahaa You know if you worked any other place and you were drug tested and it was positive you would be OUTTAAAA THEREEEEEEEEE!!!! This is just oh so wonderful.

  2. This clown should be locked up and not paid.


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