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I Was Wondering: Psychological Screening for Guns

I don't want to piss anyone off (that's a first, right?!), so hear me out before you fly off. This is an honest question, and I honestly want to hear your opinion. So, please be civil.

I have a very close family member who works for a sport shooting club. He is around guns all the time, and he was his own guns. He even recently obtained a Georgia conceal carry license. Here's the problem: I know for a fact he shot himself about 10 years ago. I don't think it was honestly a suicide attempt as much as it was a cry for attention because of some shit that was going on (I won't air his dirty laundry). However, he was nearly paralyzed and extremely lucky. I don't necessarily think he'd do it again, but I never thought he'd do it in the first place.

Here's my question: Do you think, in spite of how much we want gun rights, we need more strict psychological screening when it comes to getting your hands on guns or gun permits. I'm torn on the issue, mostly because I know the guy, but if I didn't know him and love him, would I think he should have a gun much less a conceal carry permit?

Please discuss, but remember, comments are moderated!


  1. My question would be who would do the psychological screening? And what disorders would disqualify you from gun ownership? What about someone who has suffered from depression or takes antidepressants or anxiety meds? Or what about a soldier who has suffered from "post traumatic stress disorder"? Do we want the government to be the ones to determine if those people can own a gun? Better yet, do you even want the government knowing those details about your personal life? I sure as hell don't.

  2. But, do you want crazies to have guns? And who is "crazy"? I just wonder how we would address such.

  3. "Crazies" have guns already. And I don't necessarily believe it's fair to deny some of those people the right to have a gun to defend themselves. Or to pass some kind of "mental test" to prove you're not "crazy" before you are allowed to defend yourself. That's a slippery slope. You don't have to pass a test to exercise your right to speak freely or your right to remain silent or retain counsel if your under arrest. Those rights are laid out very clearly in our Bill of Rights, just like the right to bear arms.


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