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Samsung Washer WF330ANW

So, my washer, which wasn't really my washer but Travis' parents' old one, decided it wanted to be retired to the old folks home junk yard at the ripe ol' age of 15. The drum in our top loader was at an angle more like that of a front loader, and it was leaking oil. And, even though we're broke as Joe's turkey (why, exactly, Joe's turkey is broke, I don't know), we decided we were tired of that shit and kicked it to the curb for this nice shiny new one.

It's a Samsung WF330ANW, and it is currently $600 from Best Buy. I did a lot of research on washing machines, and we decided a front loader was the best way to go. Consumer Reports rated this machine very highly and gave it their "recommended" stamp. We got a Georgia Energy Star Rebate for $99 (note that online purchases do NOT apply--you must buy in store!), so we ended up getting it for $500, and it was just a way better deal than any top loader. Plus, it has more space and more options, including this fancy smancy "sanitize" cycle. I'm in love with that one since we have a chihuahua who thinks she's a cocker spaniel and pukes every chance she gets. Just to piss me off. Anywho, it's been super quiet, and, despite the concrete floor that was leveled by a drunk with one eye, it hasn't walked off yet. It spins at a remarkable 1150 rpms. I swear it's going to take off, but it sure gets your clothes dry before you put them in the dryer. It's a huge energy saver because of that, and it uses a lot lot lot less water. The direct drive motor has a 10 year warranty, which is comparable to LG, and at regular price it is very comparable to LG's similar model, but on sale, it was no contest.

I haven't had any issues with it yet (I'll update if I do) except I don't have enough stuff to wash. I sat there and watched it for the first hour or so... I want to try out all the cycles, but I don't have any dress clothes for permanent press or wool for the wool cycle, and I don't wear anything that goes on the gentle cycle (if you know what I mean). I'm thinking of trying the chihuahua on the gentle cycle, but I'm afraid she may need to go on the quick wash...


  1. I'm looking at getting one of these also. They seem to offer a lot for the money. Interested mainly because of the fabric care potential of the dimaond drum.

  2. I truly recommend it. I have honestly noticed a difference in the wear on my clothes. It was a great deal for the money, and I couldn't be happier. It has all the features I need without being excessive, which I like because that's more stuff to break! It is gentle on my clothes, but they smell and feel so much cleaner. It also spins so fast that they come out almost dry, so I'm saving on the drying time. It will hold my queen comforter and sheets in one wash, and it is so nice not to need to take them to the cleaner! I really think you'd be happy with this!

  3. You crack me up. I just bought this set. Well, actually I bought it a month ago and waited for Lowe's to get their act together and get it delivered. They never did so I finally went into the store and raised cain to get my money back so I could go elsewhere. Went to Best Buy and they had it delivered the same week.
    I was on the fence about front loaders. So many people have said so much negative about them, then others just love them. They were a fantastic deal, and so far I'm in love! Glad you like yours!

  4. Emily, sorry you had such a hard time getting your set, but I know you'll love it now that you have it! I still love my washer, and I actually recently got the matching dryer. I still haven't had any issues with my washer, and the dryer (I got the electric not the gas) is doing great. I can't say anything bad about either. I read a lot of comments about front-loaders smelling. I leave my door open overnight when I wash to let it air dry--I think that may keep it from getting that moldy smell because I've had no problems. You may want to consider it. Hope you love them!


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