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Lake Jocassee, SC Dive Boat Charter

This dive almost wasn't. This mask is mine. It shattered 15 minutes before we were supposed to load the boat. Because the mask had my prescription in it, I wore my glasses. Even though I thought about bringing my contacts, I decided I didn't need them and left them at my dad's--an hour and a half from the dive site. Needless to say we didn't make that 9AM boat. We drove all the way back to Dad's, got my contacts, drove to a dive shop, bought a new mask, and drove all the way back to Jocassee to make the 3PM boat. I should be mad that I wasted a $150 mask (including prescription), but I'm grateful that it didn't happen underwater. I also have to think it happened for a reason--that we weren't supposed to make that 9AM dive. Who knows. But, come 3PM, we were headed to load the boat!

The beautiful rocky and sandy shore surrounded by nothing but banjo playing BF Egypt forests was a little cumbersome when lugging dive gear. We had to lug all our crap down this little rocky trail--and then drag ourselves back up it for the next load. Plus, we had to take it all back up the hill. Not fun.

I'm lucky, though. I have a hot ass pack mule of a husband who loves me enough to drag all my shit around!

Not to mention that the scenery was breathtaking when you finally got all your crap situated and had a moment to look around. It was a mountainy area that just looked like a painting from our loading area. The trees were so green they almost looked fake. Even if you don't want to dive, this lake is spectacular. The water is clear and sandy--not muddy like Georgia lakes. It's very rocky, but I think that helps keep it more clear. It's well worth a trip, even for a non-diver.

Finally, we made it on the boat from the Scuba Shop in Spartenburg. They have a large pontoon and two smaller pontoons like this one. They are full service--providing tanks, fills, and rental gear. It is $25 per person for two-tank dives if you provide filled tanks. It's $40 if they provide the tanks. It's a great price either way. And, they cooked us corn dogs on the grill! Plus, we got watermelon! Mike, Cory, Dee, and the whole crew were awesome. They are super helpful, nice, and friendly. The first dive was to some wrecks and junk in the lake. Everything is connected by ropes, making it easy to find everything and very enjoyable. The visibility is good for a lake or quarry, but a lot of people had been there before us stirring shit up. It was still great. The second dive was a drift dive along the rocky wall near the wrecks. It was a cool dive which will prepare you for the ocean, and there are lots of fishies.

After we drug ourselves and all our crap back up the hill (see above), we were taking it easy, sharing the story of the shattered mask (for which we were celebrities). I noticed this cool walking stick on a nearby car. I had to take a picture. It was freakin' cool!. I highly recommend Lake Jocasee for fun of any kind on the lake, but I think it is a great place to dive. If you have never dove Lake Jocassee, call the Dive Shop. We highly recommend them, as we were immensely impressed. Plus, they take you to the dive sites, and you will never find this shit on your own! .

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  1. Glad you had a great time here in South Carolina! That area around LJ is very pretty-- even above the water.


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