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Let's Get Something Straight

I would like to make something perfectly clear. There is a common misconception among gun-fearing idiots.

Those who are pro-gun are not anti-gun control.

But, really, "gun control" is such an ugly term. Let's call it "safety laws". "Safety laws" are necessary for the well-being of the people of this nation. I am in no way an anti-government or anti-law liberal lunatic. Do I need to repeat that? Because I will. I AM IN NO WAY AN ANTI-GOVERNMENT OR ANTI-LAW LIBERAL LUNATIC. I believe laws and rules are necessary, and I believe guns are a legal right as outlined by the Bill of Rights as it is a series of Amendments to our Constitution, which, in fact, was part of the deciding factor which got it ratified.

However, the right to own a gun should be governed by "safety laws" which allow those who have not abused their rights to safely and legally own, handle, and carry guns. Those who have abused their rights, broken laws, and exhibited a threat to society should NOT be allowed to own and carry firearms. They are dangerous, and no one in his or her right mind would says they are not. Laws are required to prevent those people from walking into gun store and walking out with a deadly weapon. I honestly believe in the necessity of laws requiring background checks.

I even believe that it would be beneficial to implement a system that could go farther than checking your history of felony convictions. What about those people with severe psychological problems? They are quite possibly a large threat, and just because they have never done anything illegal doesn't mean they won't start tomorrow. Now, granted, this is the case for a perfectly sane individual. But, let's face it, if you're a couple french fries short of a happy meal, you probably just don't really need a gun. I'm just saying.

But, that doesn't mean everyone who has been to a shrink is a nut job. (I could go for some personal reasons, myself, and as private as they may be, they have absolutely nothing to do with my sanity and mental capacity.) I really find it hard to believe that my fellow 2nd Amendment supporters truly feel that laws that keep guns out of dangerous hands are a bad idea. Correct me if I'm wrong, pro-2A readers, but I just have more faith in your common sense than that.

I think anti-gun nuts paint a very ugly and extremely incorrect picture of those of us who actually give a damn about our Constitutional rights. Just because we have a few things in common with our fore fathers does not mean we are unreasonable and unjust. We are not the radicals you make us out to be. We are, in fact, merely exercising our explicit rights. How that is radical, I really just don't understand.

So, to you people who don't feel that owning and carrying guns is a God given right, I must point out to you again that it is, indeed, a Constitutional given right, and our choice to exercise that right is truly old-fashioned--not radical and extremist. And, I ask you, gun-haters, is it not radical of you to insist that we do away with the right to bear arms? I think it is.

So, the next time you decide to shoot off at the mouth (forgive my pun) about how extreme we gun-lovers are, remember this: we have guns, we carry guns, and we know how to use guns, and you, my dears, do not.

Scarecrows for the Win!

Man! This is just so freakin' cool! A town (Hoschton, GA) from my home county (Jackson County) is trying to break a Guinness World Record--for having the most SCARECROWS in one place! They are hoping to have over 4000 scarecrows up by September 1st. For more information, you can go to their website. They are not only breaking world records, they are raising money for a local charity (Driving Magic)--Publix is donating $1 for every scarecrow. They will keep the scarecrows up until their Fall Festival (September 26-27), so if you're in northeast Georgia, you might want to drive through. I'd say it is probably a pretty cool sight to see 4000 scarecrows in a tiny one-horse town!

Bathtubs Save Lives

The picture above is from my hometown newspaper. It is a shot of the street where my grandmother lives with her daughter (my aunt). In fact, the house you can see part of to the left is my aunt's house. That window is my grandmother's room's window. A tornado touched down on the back side of her property. A good bit of trees were down. A lot of people didn't have power. No one was killed, and only a couple people suffered mild injuries. My cousin (my aunt's son) came home to find Grandma in the bathtub. I'm so glad she thought quickly and got in a safe place--an interior room with no windows. I'm happy to report that she's OK. I don't know if they have power yet or not--the phones aren't working. But, her friend told her she could stay with her if she needed to so she would have power to run her oxygen machine. I hate it that I can't be there, but at least I'll get to see her this weekend when I go home. I'm so grateful nothing worse happened.

Takin' Care of Business

From my hometown newspaper:
A Maysville man, tired of having his house broken into, set a trap for and captured a burglary suspect in the act last Thursday.

Tony Smith was fed up.

After three consecutive burglaries at his West Freeman Street residence, Smith lay in wait for the burglar, who he knew was a neighbor.

He parked his truck away from the house and lay in wait, but on his first attempt he fell asleep. The burglar saw him and fled.
Things worked out better Thursday morning.

James Welch, 28, allegedly jimmied the front door with a plastic card, entered the house and found Smith confronting him with a pistol. Welch lives two doors down from Smith.

Man, I miss the country!

Dear Bulldawgs, Please Don't Let Me Down has made their prediction for who will play in what bowl games. They have put UGA in the title game with USC. This is my letter to the bulldawgs:

Dear Bulldawgs,
I know I like Florida. That is just a fact that I cannot help. It comes from a time long ago--before you and I knew each other so well. But, you are my alma mater; and, most of the time, I am proud to have known you. You are supposed to be the "it" team this year. You are supposed to beat everybody in college football. My dearest Bulldawgs, please don't let me down. I am counting on you to come through. I am counting on you to not choke and drop the ball (pun intended). I know you have to suffer through another year of that son-of-a-bitch Stafford who is the biggest dickhead this side of the Mississippi who can't tell his ass from a hole in the ground, but please try to make up for his shortcomings as a man of wee brain and big ego. I don't want you to lose to my boy Tebow (He's got a smokin' hot bod! I'd fuck him sideways!*), but, by God, if you start playing like shit again, I'm jumping ship--even if Florida doesn't make the top 10 in the BCS--and I will not know you. Good luck and God speed.
Best Wishes,

*Note: I don't actually feel this way about Tebow, I just say that for Travis' benefit. A little inside joke for the two of us. You guys don't need to know everything!

Imports: Take Heed

Since it is blatantly obvious that you Yankee imports have no idea what's going on down here in Bible-Belt Georgia, let me help you with one little thing: the driving laws. Now, I know that up "Nawth" they didn't make you do this stuff, but you can either do it or get the fuck out. We're really tired of your attitudes.* All items below came directly from the Georgia Department of Driver Services 2008 Driver's Manual.

Use Headlights Properly
  • Use high-beam headlights only when driving in rural areas and when other cars are not nearby. You must use your headlights between one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise; at any time when it is raining; or when visibility is limited. (Yes, that says when raining, and, no, it does NOT say turn on your flashers!)
  • You should dim (lower) your headlights when:
  • Within 500 feet of an approaching vehicle so as not to blind the driver.
  • Following closely (within 200 feet) behind another vehicle.
  • Driving on lighted roads.
  • Driving in rain, fog, snow, or smoke.
  • Vision is reduced to less than 200 feet.

If possible, avoid driving in heavy fog. If you must drive, follow these guidelines:
  • Reduce driving speed.
  • Reduce speed further when you see headlights or red tail lights. These indicate the presence of another vehicle and, because of the fog, it may be more difficult to accurately judge the distance between your vehicle and others.
  • Dim your headlights. Bright lights produce a glare in heavy fog, actually making it more difficult to see than when using regular headlights.
  • Do not drive with parking or hazard lights on.
Georgia’s Law Concerning Pedestrians

The driver of a vehicle shall stop and remain stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the roadway within a crosswalk:
  • When the pedestrian is upon the half of the roadway on which the vehicle is traveling, or when the pedestrian is approaching and is within one lane of the half of the roadway on which the vehicle is traveling or onto which it is turning. “Half of the roadway” means all traffic lanes carrying traffic in one direction of travel.
  • When making a left or right turn at any intersection.
  • At stop signs, after coming to a complete stop and before proceeding.
  • At traffic signals, even when the light is green, if pedestrians are still in crosswalk.
  • When entering a street or highway from an alley, driveway, or private road.
  • When approaching a blind person who is crossing a street or highway if he/she is carrying a white cane or being guided by a dog.
Other Important Laws
  • Unless a sign posted at that intersection prohibits doing so, it is permissible to make a left turn on red” from the left lane of a one-way street onto a one-way street on which the traffic moves toward the driver’s left. You may proceed only after making a complete stop, yielding to all traffic and stopping for pedestrians, and making the determination that you can safely make the turn.
  • Unless a sign posted at that intersection prohibits doing so, it is permissible to make a “right turn on red” at an intersection controlled by a traffic control light. You may proceed only after making a complete stop, yielding to all traffic and pedestrians, and making the determination that you can safely make the turn.
  • The driver of any motor vehicle, when traveling down a hill, must not coast with the gears or transmission of the vehicle in neutral. (This includes you people trying to save on your gas mileage.)
  • It is unlawful to drive across a dividing section, barrier, or unpaved strip which separates two roadways at any point other than at an authorized opening or crossover.
*Disclaimer: This is a broad generalization of City-folk. This does not necessarily include all Northerners or Yankees and may include some natives of Atlanta who just don't have a damn clue how to drive. Please do not take offense if you are a Yankee or import who can drive well and knows the driving laws. Otherwise, take offense. I'm tired of your ass!

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
Athens, Georgia, dawg country
Take me home, country roads

Proof that Women are Evil

For those non-math people, here's the explanation.

Women take time and money.
And, time is money.
So, if you substitute money for time, women are money times money, or money squared.

Money is the root of all evil.
So, if you substitute the square root of evil for money, women are the square root of evil squared.

The square root of anything squared is that anything. (Trust me on this. It's true.)
Thus, WOMEN ARE EVIL! There it is in undeniable, mathematical proof.

Real Life Iron Man

Some good news amid all the bad: we can make real life Iron Men! They may have these suits available to the masses by 2010, and they won't really cost much more than the better wheelchairs currently on the market--and users with be able to WALK instead of sit and roll! That is pretty freakin' cool.

Children Hurt by Adults' Tunnel Vision

I have a little problem with Arkansas' attempt to prevent unmarried couples from adopting or fostering a child. The item has been added to this fall's ballot, and the people of Arkansas will be able to vote as they so choose. That I have no problem with, of course. The problem I have is that they are not only excluding gays (which appears to be their target since they don't allow gay marriage), but they also prevent single persons or couples who do not wish to formally marry from providing a good home to children who otherwise would have very little. I am a big proponent of adoption and fostering. If I never married, I would want to be able to adopt a child. I think that the people who signed the petition to get this on the ballot probably were too blinded by the idea of doing everything they can to hinder gays that they failed to realize they were really hurting the children. While I certainly do not condone homosexuality, I do believe that many gay couples are fully capable of providing a loving home to a child. So, not only are singles and unmarried heterosexual couples getting shafted by this, those children who are not going to be adopted because of the sharp decrease in available foster or adoptive parents are really getting the short end of the stick in this raw deal. And, I can't imagine someone having grounds to say, "But, we are thinking of the children. Gays can't provide a proper home for a child!" I think that if a gay couple can pass the State's investigation for fostering or adoption, they are just as capable of loving that child and providing for it as any heterosexual couple. Like I said, I don't condone homosexuality, but gays have rights, too. That's the joy of this fine country. You have the right to freedom of speech and expression. And, not allowing a gay couple to adopt a child is pretty damn discriminatory, if you ask me. Not to mention all those heterosexuals who will be effected, as well. But, really, let's think about those children who need a Mommy and Daddy (or Mommy and Mommy, or Daddy and Daddy, or Daddy, or Mommy) to love them and care for them. That's what really matters here.

Let's Lego

I don't have an artistic bone in my body (and, no, I do not want one), but wouldn't you love to be this guy?! He builds Lego sculptures for a living. The one above was made for Ashlee Simpson. He has made some awesome stuff. And he gets paid six-figures for playing with Legos all day! I hate him.

You've Got to be Kidding: The "Easy" Way Out

From an article in MSNBC's Weird News:
In a July ceremony, Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan honored SWAT officers for their bravery and professionalism during a December middle-of-the-night raid of a house that supposedly contained a gang's guns. However, it was the wrong house, and the bewildered, frightened resident started shooting back. Said Dolan, "The easy decision would have been to retreat (but the) team did not take the easy way out." The house got riddled with bullets, but no one was hit, and the chief later apologized but still felt that it was "a perfect example of a situation that could have gone horribly wrong, but did not because of the (team's) professionalism." [WCCO-TV (Minneapolis), 7-29-08].

May we please play a little game of "What's Wrong with this Picture?"???!!! For starters, everything. No, really.

The guy says "The easy decision would have been to retreat (but the) team did not take the easy way out.". Now, let's see. If you went into the wrong house, and you were scaring the living daylights out of some poor sleeping innocent, it would not be the "easy decision" or the "easy way out" to retreat. It would have been the RIGHT one.

And, that he thinks this is "a perfect example of a situation that could have gone horribly wrong, but did not because of the (team's) professionalism" is just unnerving. Um, if you call going into the wrong house in a raid and opening fire on the resident who is terrified out of his mind an "example of a situation that could have gone horribly wrong, but did not", I'd hate to see your example of a situation that DID go horribly wrong.

But, that this guy honored these guys for their professionalism and bravery absolutely terrifies and baffles me. He rewarded these people for making a heinous (and potentially deadly) mistake. Let me say that again, in case you missed it: He REWARDED them for going into the wrong house and opening fire on an innocent resident. Granted, no one was injured, but this just teaches them to repeat such behaviors because, oh, you won't get in trouble--you'll get a medal! I sure as hell hope no one busts into my house. I'm not that bad of a shot.

New Buddies

We got to go to Alabama Blue Water Adventures yesterday. It was awesome! Our buddy that went with us has an underwater housing for his camera, and we took a couple good pictures, so if I can ever get them from him, I'll post those. But, in the mean time, I want you to meet my new buddies. The one near the top is in a kind of cylindrical shell. The one to the right is in a snail-type shell. They are both slug-like little things, and they are suction-cupped to the water bottle. (Don't you just love that cool perspective?! It is taken from the mouth of a water bottle) The big shell was a mollusk we found. It has something in it when we found it, but when Travis picked it up, it fell out. I think it might have been a pearl. I have no idea if that's even possible, but I don't think it was the thing that lived in there--the muscle thingy--because it just fell right out, and it didn't try to close itself. I kept it because it was empty. We just went and took the little guys to the lake here and put them back. I took a good picture of my shell. It is my souvenir!

Cheerleading IS a Sport

Studies have shown that cheerleading is the single most dangerous sport out there for high school girls. While cheerleaders make up only 3% of the 2.9 million female high school athletes, they make up 65% of all catastrophic injuries sustained by females. The injuries only include those that caused death, paralysis, or other long-term serious impairment, so the actual numbers are not very high. However, the number of cheerleaders taken to the emergency room each year is nearly 25,000. That doesn't include all of those sprains, bruises, and drops that don't result in a trip to the ER.

This ain't your Momma's cheerleading! This is the cheerleading of broken legs, arms, backs, and necks. This is the cheerleading of torn tendons and ligaments. This is the cheerleading of knocked-out teeth, black eyes, and big bruises and carpet burns. This is the cheerleading that IS a sport.

Sadly, the gyms and schools are not keeping up with the ever-increasing interest and involvement in the sport. Many squads still practice on gym floors with no mats. (Now, having been a cheerleader myself, I can say that those mats are pathetic excuses for safety equipment. They are about 1" of hard foam placed on a hard surface. And, honestly, they don't do much. But I can't imagine getting dropped the way I did on a gym floor. I probably would have been paralyzed. Instead, I just have chronic back pain. Yay!) Not only do many squads not have the proper equipment, they lack coaches with proper training. A real cheerleading coach has training in gymnastics, spotting, stunting, jumping, injury prevention, and first aid. Sadly, many people still think of cheerleaders as the bimbos on the side of the football field. But, they have evolved into amazing acrobats capable of inhuman stunts and tumbling. And, more and more parents are allowing their children to start earlier and earlier--to get that edge. It is time for people to recognize the accomplishments of the sport that is cheerleading--the high-flying, loop-da-looping, all-out tumbling, back-flipping, hand-clapping, fierce yelling, ESPN-invading sport that it is. And, it's time for people to put more effort into making it safe for our children.

Below, I have listed the recommendations from the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research
  • Cheerleaders should have medical exams, including a complete medical history, before they are allowed to participate.
  • Cheerleaders should be trained by a qualified coach with training in gymnastics, partner stunting, spotting and other safety factors.
  • Cheerleaders should undergo proper conditioning programs and training in spotting techniques.
  • Cheerleaders should demonstrate mastery of stunts before trying complicated routines. They should not attempt stunts they are not capable of completing.
  • Coaches should supervise all practice sessions in a safe facility. Mini-trampolines and flips or falls off of pyramids and shoulders should be prohibited.
  • Pyramids over two high should not be performed. Two-high pyramids should be performed only with mats and other safety precautions.
  • A physician or a certified athletic trainer should be at all games and practice sessions. If one is not available, written emergency procedures should be available to all staff and athletes.
  • There should be continued research concerning safety in cheerleading.
  • When cheerleaders have experienced or shown signs of head trauma, they should receive immediate medical attention. Signs to watch for: loss of consciousness, visual disturbances, headache, inability to walk correctly, obvious disorientation, memory loss.
  • Cheerleading coaches should have some type of safety certification.

Revolting Bolt

Usain Bolt is a jackass. His showboating arrogance is absurdly rude and uncalled for. Even the IOC has criticized him. What makes this so profound is that he can't even wait to cross the finish line to start his flagrant show of disrespect. He starts slowing down 10 meters before the finish, throws his hands up, beats his chest, and looks around, as if to say, "look, no one is even near me". He even refuses to congratulate his competitors or even just shake hands after the event. If he would have just run out his races, he might have actually beat Michael Johnson's record by more than a pathetic 2 hundredths of a second--a difference so small that I'm not even sure the timers are capable of recording it without a margin of error that would make that record irrelevant. I realize he is probably the fastest man alive, but it just makes for some terrible sportsmanship. This is the Olympics. The Olympics is for champions. And, champions do not start showboating before their competition is even over. Champions are not sore losers. And, they are not sore winners, either.

Blast from the Past

These were taken in 1999. I was 14. It's funny how much younger I look in the cheerleading one (that was my competition uniform). The pictures were only taken, like, a month apart. I highlighted my hair right before school started that year (freshman year--gotta look hot). I guess that made me look older. I still look 12. But, look how tiny I was then. Those were the good old days. For sure.

Large Hadron Collider

Is it just me, or are these people fucking insane? The LHC is a particle accelerator that scientists hope to use to study the smallest particles, or building blocks, that make up everything on Earth. Apparently, they collide two opposite beams of subatomic particles to produce an environment similar to that just following the "Big Bang". That is assuming the "Big Bang" actually happened, I suppose. Apparently, "there are many theories as to what will result from these collisions". Um, like, maybe the World will be swallowed by a giant black hole?! Damn. Now, I'm no physicist, but I can't imagine that smashing a bunch of particles together at high energy on an enormous scale makes for a good idea. I realize they finding answers to all the elusive questions of matter and mass is the holy grail of physics, but is it worth dying for? They admit that the LHC "can achieve an energy that no other particle accelerators have reached before", but they discount this because "nature routinely produces higher energies in cosmic-ray collisions". And, um, wouldn't those higher energies produced by nature be a huge deal if they were, say, on Earth? Probably so. So, how are we to know just how high the energy has to be before Earth is a mere memory? All this may be perfectly safe and hunky dory, but I'm not too thrilled about it. There is a court hearing to determine if they will even be allowed to start it up on their launch date of September 10th. The defendants claim all the theories of mass destruction are pure science fiction; but, considering the fact that they know so very little about space, mass, matter, and creation, how can they even speculate on the outcome of such an event? I sure hope they have their shit together. Otherwise, it was nice knowing ya'll.

Crooked Smile Update #5

My grandfather is doing a good bit better. He can get out some words some times now. He still can't really talk most of the time, but he knows what he wants to say. If he can just get hold of that tongue of his, we are all in trouble. He had been moved to the temporary nursing home, but he was having some problems with the feeding tube they have in his stomach (still can't swallow, so he can't eat--tongue is the culprit here, too), so they moved him to the hospital for that. Dad said he walked to the bathroom twice the other day--on his own. That's a far cry from before when he could hardly move his leg. And, he can now lift his arm over his head. He still, unfortunately, does not have sensation in his hand.

When he was at the nursing home, he said someone hurt his arm in the middle of the night--like a nurse or orderly. They were investigating the claim when he had to be moved to the hospital. I hope he can just stay there. I don't want them abusing my grandfather. There is nothing lower than belittling or mistreating the elderly--especially when they cannot even talk to defend themselves or call for help!

He still gets very emotional and goes from being very upset and frustrated to sad and teary. He still thinks he is going to die. I keep trying to tell him that he can't think that. He has to believe he can do this. He has to believe he can talk, eat, walk, and live, and he will. I guess that goes for me, too.

All-in-all, I guess he is doing pretty good, all things considered. If he can just regain the ability to eat on his own, I think we will all be OK. If he never talks again, that's OK with me. We can figure out what he is trying to say. And, with him walking the other day, I think he's making good progress. He keeps saying he wants to go home. I guess he's trying to prove to us he can, in fact, go home and be fine. Unfortunately, his ability to talk clearly (and make sense) and walk without help seem to be intermittent, which worries me most. Please continue to consider my grandfather and the rest of our family in your prayers. Thank you.

Tightie Whities Grayies

The caption on this photo from an news article: "A man in Higuey, Dominican Republic, seeks assistance after high winds from Fay caused a tree to crash on his vehicle Friday." Did a tree also crash onto his clothes and rip them off? Why would they put this picture up here with that poor guy in his tightie whities grayies?

Thrifty--For your Wallet and your Waistline

I have recently started using the flavoring packets for water. There are tons of flavors--everything from fruit punch to lemonade to black cherry. They have anywhere from 0 to 20 calories per serving--much less than a typical soda or juice. And, the store brands, like the Kroger one above, are about $2 for a pack of 10. That's only 20 cents for a drink (when you use tap water)--much less than a typical soda or juice, even when you buy in bulk. These packets make drinking water easier for those of us who need some flavor in our lives, and they do it without hurting out wallets or our waistlines. Ambrosia!

I'm a Crackberry

It's official: I'm a Crackberry. Work gave me a phone--it's a Blackberry Curve. I didn't particularly want another phone since I already have two. And I didn't particularly want a smartphone since I have a PDA I really love. But I really appreciate having unlimited multimedia service. For free. So far, I've managed to make and receive calls and receive emails. I also checked out the camera and the browser. That's about all I've figured out. Ugh. I'm going to need a handbag just for my electronics.

See, Men Are Dogs!

In case anyone ever needed proof, here it is. Men really are dogs. I think the funniest thing about this is that Travis can fit in Pepe's crate. I mean, the dog is 5 pounds. His crate is big enough for a Greyhound. I think Pepe was really enjoying using him as a pillow. Although, I'm sure Travis wasn't nearly as comfortable, not just because of the cramped quarters, but because Pepe has about 1000 toys, and I had just put them all in his crate.

Hexagonal Shelves

Here are a couple things I have in my house that I really love. The first is a set of hexagonal shelves. They are loaded full of my favorite frogs (I collect them, or I used to, I guess) and three cool Coke-a-Cola glass bottles. The first bottle is a Class of 2003 (yes, I'm 12, I graduated high school in '03). The next is a 1980 National Championship Georgia Bulldogs bottle, and the last is one I got the other day. It was really cool to find a glass bottle coke. They just taste better in glass! Forgive the horrid wallpaper--I rent.

The other is a double-sided, curved, three-tier picture frame. It has some awesome pictures in it from Fort Pulaski. It sits on the mantle by the University of Georgia Sanford Stadium panoramic I took. Yeah.


Because I rent, there were about a million plants here that were here when I got here. And I hate most of them. Especially this one. I really want to take out a bunch of them because it would be much easier to cut the grass. Ugh. But, I don't have the balls to ask the landlord. So, anyway, I took this picture of this really pretty flower. It is one of the only plants here that is actually pretty. It's sort of a miracle, actually, because I don't water any of these plants, in the silent hope they might just die and disappear. So, the fact that this flower even made it to blooming is pretty good. I thought the little trouper deserved a blog.

Wave Your Flag

Apparently, someone shares my opinion. Some kid (I say kid, he's 18 now) is battling his school's Confederate Flag ban. "I am fighting for my heritage and my rights as a Southerner and an American," he said. Well, right on! Anyone who thinks the Confederate Flag is offensive is offending me. The Confederate Flag represents history. It is a true and honest fact. And it is many-a-Southerner's heritage. We had great-greats that fought in that war and risked their lives for the Confederation. And, yes, the Civil War became a fight to end slavery, but the people of the South fought for their rights and freedom and for States' rights. They fought for what they believed in, something most people cannot say for themselves today. I'm really proud of that kid in the article above. He isn't fighting only for his right to free speech, which this clearly is. (Again, we're talking free speech with a disclaimer.) He's fighting against his discrimination. He is clearly a victim of reverse discrimination: his lawsuit wants to know why "other symbols aren't banned, including the Mexican flag, the Canadian flag, political campaign buttons and images of Martin Luther King Jr." I would like to know the answer to that question, too.

The Majority Minority

White Americans will no longer be the minority--by as soon as 2042. And, quite frankly, I'm looking forward to it. I'm so damned sick of all these foul cries of discrimination. He said she said, and you're guilty until proven innocent. And the fuck-off who accused you, and slandered your good name, gets a big, fat settlement. I'm tired of being discriminated against because I'm white. Yes, reverse discrimination is alive and well. And I'm just sick to death of this bullshit. I'm sick of there being a Black History Month but no White History Month. I'm tired of seeing signs in Spanish instead of English--not even in addition to English, just purely in Spanish. I'm tired of there being an NAACP but no association for the advancement of non-colored people. I'm tired of being unable to say what I want and do what I want without being prosecuted by some money-hungry, lazy ass whore who won't fucking work to support her five children by different daddies. I am irate at the disclaimer that comes with the 1st Amendment: You have the right to free speech, as long as no one is offended by it. Last I saw, there was no disclaimer in the Bill of Rights. So, yeah, I'm looking forward to being a minority because some shit is going to change around here, or I'm fucking leaving.