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Hexagonal Shelves

Here are a couple things I have in my house that I really love. The first is a set of hexagonal shelves. They are loaded full of my favorite frogs (I collect them, or I used to, I guess) and three cool Coke-a-Cola glass bottles. The first bottle is a Class of 2003 (yes, I'm 12, I graduated high school in '03). The next is a 1980 National Championship Georgia Bulldogs bottle, and the last is one I got the other day. It was really cool to find a glass bottle coke. They just taste better in glass! Forgive the horrid wallpaper--I rent.

The other is a double-sided, curved, three-tier picture frame. It has some awesome pictures in it from Fort Pulaski. It sits on the mantle by the University of Georgia Sanford Stadium panoramic I took. Yeah.

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