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Crooked Smile Update #2

There is no change. The doctor's have said the stroke was definitely a severe one. The loss of motor skills is all, basically, a result of the stroke, therefore it will not go away when the swelling in the brain goes down. In fact, most of the swelling is gone. However, there is a clot in his neck that is causing concern. They are toying with giving him blood thinners to help alleviate that problem but have to be certain all hemorrhaging is gone. Otherwise, we are talking some severe complications. He is lucky to be alive. I talk about this like it's nothing. But it is. And it is to me. I haven't slept since this began. I am sick to my stomach. I am honestly barely holding it together. I have to be the strong one for my family. I'm a stone when they are around or when they call. I am a blubbering mess of tear streaked face matted with hair when they are out of earshot. Please continue to pray. The doctors have said they do not know how long it will take for him to regain the ability to swallow and control his tongue, and, thus, eat. Or how long it will take for him to talk. Or how long it will take for him to walk or use his right arm. They expect it to be a couple weeks before he can eat at the very least. Even longer for speaking. Even longer for use of his arm and leg. They said it is possible he will never regain any of those abilities. But he has to. He just has to. So, please, I beg you, pray.

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