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Large Hadron Collider

Is it just me, or are these people fucking insane? The LHC is a particle accelerator that scientists hope to use to study the smallest particles, or building blocks, that make up everything on Earth. Apparently, they collide two opposite beams of subatomic particles to produce an environment similar to that just following the "Big Bang". That is assuming the "Big Bang" actually happened, I suppose. Apparently, "there are many theories as to what will result from these collisions". Um, like, maybe the World will be swallowed by a giant black hole?! Damn. Now, I'm no physicist, but I can't imagine that smashing a bunch of particles together at high energy on an enormous scale makes for a good idea. I realize they finding answers to all the elusive questions of matter and mass is the holy grail of physics, but is it worth dying for? They admit that the LHC "can achieve an energy that no other particle accelerators have reached before", but they discount this because "nature routinely produces higher energies in cosmic-ray collisions". And, um, wouldn't those higher energies produced by nature be a huge deal if they were, say, on Earth? Probably so. So, how are we to know just how high the energy has to be before Earth is a mere memory? All this may be perfectly safe and hunky dory, but I'm not too thrilled about it. There is a court hearing to determine if they will even be allowed to start it up on their launch date of September 10th. The defendants claim all the theories of mass destruction are pure science fiction; but, considering the fact that they know so very little about space, mass, matter, and creation, how can they even speculate on the outcome of such an event? I sure hope they have their shit together. Otherwise, it was nice knowing ya'll.


  1. Collissions scheduled to begin October 21 at slowly increasing energies, but some estimates are that collisions may be delayed until 2009.

    A good article addressing the safety argument flaws may be found at: Factual Errors with August 18, 2008 Article


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