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The Inside Scoop

I feel like the fat, nerdy version of Gossip Girl. I have heard a very interesting tidbit of information. According to my source, who we will call "Mom", the girl who is renting from her has the the inside scoop on the next Uga. Apparently, the only descendant old enough to be the next Uga (Uga 7) has a brown spot on his back. That's not news, you say? Oh, but it is, my friends. Uga has to be solid white to be Uga. Thus, if they use him, they will have to dye his spot white! The girl who told "Mom" this is a veterinarian technician at the University of Georgia Animal Hospital. She bathed Uga 6 every Friday like clock-work last season. So, she's fairly up on the Uga news. She said that, when Uga 6 was dying, the guys from Savannah called to see if there was anything they could do if they flew Uga in. I guess it didn't work out. I'd say the possibility this is true is about 95%, and the possibility that this coif-challenged member of the lineage is going to be the next Uga is probably about 50%. That's my best guess. She's a fairly credible witness.


  1. it's just a dog? i thought you had some real gossip...

  2. JUST a dog??? where is she from?? LOL

  3. War eagle.......I mean, Go it either, roll tide......shit, go elephants. Just kidding Jen.


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