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Dawg Days of Summer

While we may not be in the dog days of summer just yet, it is a Dawg Day for sure. As anyone who loves football--even those terrible Tigers, greasy Gators, vile Volunteers (who we hate the most most most!!!), jerky Jackets, grouchy Gamecocks, trashy Tides, wacky Wildcats, crappy Commodores, wanna-be Bulldogs (that's Mippapippi State, guys), raunchy Razorbacks, and rancid Rebels--already knows, our beloved Uga VI has passed. Some speculation about his retirement after the 2007 season came up, but he was never officially retired to my knowledge. They have yet to name the replacement (Uga VII), but Sonny Seiler (Uga breeder extraordinaire) assured us "That's been taken care of". It is a day of mourning but, also, a day of new beginnings, for the next Uga Era is on the horizon. Godspeed, Uga VII.

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