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Economic Woes

Everyday is more of the same: news about how bad our economy has gotten. "Tarvis" works for an international pump company (they make chemical pumps, eg: petroleum, acids, etc), and they have to do conversions for prices. His boss gave him the latest conversion rate today: 1 euro = .57 USD Now, if this doesn't disturb you just a little, you just need to go ahead and nail the lid on the coffin because you absolutely must be dead. I can't fathom that even the most financially stable people aren't concerned about the insanely high gas prices, rising food costs, and news--just today--that the past 12 months' inflation rate was the worst in 27 years. Yes, I just said TWENTY SEVEN FREAKIN' YEARS. Now, I'm no economist. I don't know jack about the way business works. But, I just have to believe this is a bad, BAD sign. When is this going to get better? How are people still saying we are not in a recession? What the hell is their definition of "recession"?! All I know is that something really needs to change. If all this isn't enough to upset you, then just remember we are losing our iconic Budweiser in the process of this failing economy. When are we as a nation going to stand up and say "Enough is enough!"? All I know is that I'd jump on that bandwagon as soon as it came around.

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