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My Little Brat

My dog is entirely too rotten. He is utterly and completely spoiled. He sits there looking at me like, "But, Momma, I have so many toys, I don't know which one to play with!" What a little fucker. And that's not even all of his toys. He can't even find them all. Yes, he is so spoiled that he loses toys on a daily basis and doesn't even care. He doesn't even miss them. Why? Because he has 47 more toys to play with! But, he is selfish. He won't let anyone else play with his toys. I can't even pick them up or I'll getting pounced on like a warm, juicy steak, right off the grill. And heaven forbid I try to put all his toys in his crate (which is the size of Texas, not the size of a 5 pound Chihuahua). He just tears them all back out 10 seconds later. I guess he thinks he doesn't have room for all those toys in there.

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