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Single Hispanic Dog Seeks Skinny Bitch

Name: Pepe Patron
Height: 8 inches at shoulder
Length: 14 inches to base of tail
Weight: 4.9 pounds
Hair Color: Black with tan and white
Eye Color: Light Brown
Ethnicity: Hispanic (Mexican) (Legal citizen, born in Alabama)
Breed: Chihuahua
Registration: Yes
Fixed: Yes
Shots: Up-to-date
Fleas: No

Likes: Rolling in dead animals; Eating anything I can get my mouth on; Chasing cats; Humping my Reindeer, Alligator, and Eagle; Playing chase with anyone who will play; Barking at animals on the TV; Going to my grandparents to play; Sleeping; Hanging out with my mom; Running in the grass; Licking my privates in public; Hanging out with my buddy Mickey (Jack Russell Terrier); Attacking people who are hiding under blankets; Stealing dryer sheets and socks when mom isn't looking; Getting up early and jumping on mom; Hanging my head out the car window (but only if we are going less than 30 mph); Balling up under blankets

Dislikes: Going swimming; Wearing the clothes my mom puts on me; Vacuum cleaners; The vet; Mean people; People I don't know; Taking pictures; Sleeping late; Staying in my crate all day; Being still; Being held down when I'm playing; Lawnmowers; Baths; Getting my nails clipped; Getting my teeth brushed; Thunderstorms; When mom won't let me on the bed; Spankings; Being cold; The little black pieces in my food

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