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Greenish Thumb

This is the extent of my green thumb. I don't actually have much of a green thumb. It's really more yellow. Or brown. But this cactus is a trouper, and it has survived even my most brutal punishment. My aunt gave me this cactus in a 2"x2" square plastic container when I moved to Kennesaw last year. At the time it was about 6" tall. I proceeded to place it on the railing of my balcony (on the third floor), and let the wind blow it off to what I thought was it's untimely death. When I realized it was missing, I went to my neighbors below, and they had rescued it from me, or so it though. They had repotted it in a 6" round plastic pot that was pretty much on it's last leg--all broken and cracked. Mr. Cactus went back up on the balcony--on the floor this time. Then I found this lovely coffee-cut pot, seen above. It is about 12" wide. I repotted the cactus in this pot with some yummy potting soil and stuck in some of those Miracle-Gro spikes. It has since grown to what you see above. It's about 2 feet tall. Yeah, my cactus is the shit.


  1. so you disposed of the plant... and then when you realized someone else was taking care of it, wanted it back???? jk. prickly looking.

  2. Yeah, that was the body I needed moving... LOL


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