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Don't Forget the Little People

So, while I think this guy is a royal jackass because he forgot the little people when he got "famous", I still think it's kind of cool that I know someone who is "famous". Yes, I knew Mr. Brantley Gilbert when he was a kid. We went to "the" country club (Deer Trail Country Club) together in little ol' Commerce, GA. I never heard the kid sing back then, but, oh well. And, yes, he was cute back then, too. Anyway, his music isn't too bad. He's doing pretty good it looks like. But don't expect a returned email from him. I knew him when he was the squeaky-voiced dork he used to be, and I can't get the time of day from the guy. Punk. But don't take my word for it, you can go check him out for yourself on MySpace.

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