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Sometimes Bad is Bad

Please be advised that there is liberal use of "swear" words. (As if that's different from any other post...)

Who decided curse words were, in fact, curse words? Who said, "I am going to make 'bitch' a curse word, because, well, calling someone a 'female dog' just takes too long to say."? I find it very funny that people just accept these so called curse or swear words as bad. You only make them bad because you believe they are bad. If you didn't believe it, it wouldn't be true. I found some very interesting conversation on this topic here. I think what bothers me most is the way people think it's unChristian to say a swear word. Um, were these words even considered bad words when Christ was here? Did many of these words even exist? No. For instance, the word fuck. That word's origin hasn't really been nailed (no pun intended) down as far as I can tell, but here are a few possibilities:
  • The American Heritage Dictionary says its first known occurrence in English literature was in the satirical poem "Flen, Flyss" (c.1500), where it was not only disguised as a Latin word but encrypted, which has been deciphered as fuccant, pseudo-Latin for "they fuck."
  • When doctors wrote a diagnostic notation on the documents of soldiers in the British Imperial Army reporting sick and found to have Sexual Transmitted Diseases, the abbreviation F.U.C.K. was stamped on his documents. It was short for "Found Under Carnal Knowledge."
  • In the 15th Century, when a married couple needed permission from the king to procreate. Hence, "Fornication Under Consent of the King".
  • May be an acronym of a law term used in the 1500s that referred to rape as "Forced Unnatural Carnal Knowledge".
  • Referring to the charge for prostitution in England: "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge".

Now, I realize it isn't Christian to tell someone to "Fuck off", but if I stub my toe and say "Fuck! That hurt!", is God going to take offense to that? Disclaimer: This in no way applies to using the Lord's name in vain. That is clearly wrong. I guess this is somewhat juvenile, but I just find it a little preposterous.

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