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Show some Respect!

This really irks me. When a funeral procession is meeting you in the road, you get over and STOP. How hard is that? Why can't you do it? It is a showing of respect, and the dead person in that hearse is a mother or father, daughter or son, brother or sister, and/or a friend to someone. Sure, he's dead, and he doesn't know you're disrespecting him. But his family isn't dead, and they do know, and that's just plain shitty. Take a minute and a half out of your oh-so-busy-and-important day and get the hell over. Don't be a dickhead.

A very important person to my boyfriend and his dad passed away last night, and if you don't get off the road when the procession goes by, I might just have to have to kick your ass. OK?

*Oh, and I definitely want a hearse like that when I die.

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