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Nilla Wafers

Recently, when I was at corporate for a meeting (and starving), my good buddy Jen offered me some Nilla Wafers. Now, not only was this the nicest thing ever, it pretty much saved me from dying from severe trauma (from my stomach eating my backbone). But, I mention it not just because of the heroic and generous act of my dear Jen, but for the simple fact that I rediscovered Nilla Wafers. No, nilla wafers are no longer just for banana puddin'. They are for eating! The crunchy, sweet cookie is really so much more than the name "wafer" implies. It is no wafer my friends. It is a tiny piece of heaven! I have a box in my desk drawer now for "emergencies", i.e. when I'm a fat ass, and I want to eat more than I already do.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend store brand vanilla wafers. At all.

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  1. got to be NILLA no other brand can compare!


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