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A Man is Poor Who has No Friends

Do people still hang out together and do things? I'm just wondering because I can't seem to get anyone to do anything with me. I am a busy person. What I'm busy doing, I don't really know, beacuse I feel like I do nothing, but I am somehow busy, none-the-less. I know it is hard to make time for things. It is for me, too--again, why, I don't know. But when someone calls to say they want to do something, I invariably at least try to make the time. My sister called and wants to come down next weekend. I say, sure, just remind me. Then my brother calls and he wants to come this weekend. I say, sure. Two weekends in a row, I'm busy, but it's my brother and sister. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my brother and sister more than anything. But, um, where are my friends? I call, I send an email, I send a text message, I leave a comment on the God forsaken MySpace. And nothing. Absolutely nothing. Do ya'll not like me anymore or what? Did I do something to you that I don't remember? Did we get in some fight that somehow slips my mind? Did I say something to piss you off, and you don't have the balls to say "Fuck you"? In that case, grow some balls. I'm getting kind of tired of getting the cold shoulder. Even if it is due to your hectic lives. I realize I live, like, forever and a day away from all my old friends, but would it kill you to make time for me when I come home? Um, no. Anyway, I'm just feeling poor, and I'm wondering when I can have some friends again. That would be nice. I do still love ya'll, afterall.

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