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Wave Your Flag

Apparently, someone shares my opinion. Some kid (I say kid, he's 18 now) is battling his school's Confederate Flag ban. "I am fighting for my heritage and my rights as a Southerner and an American," he said. Well, right on! Anyone who thinks the Confederate Flag is offensive is offending me. The Confederate Flag represents history. It is a true and honest fact. And it is many-a-Southerner's heritage. We had great-greats that fought in that war and risked their lives for the Confederation. And, yes, the Civil War became a fight to end slavery, but the people of the South fought for their rights and freedom and for States' rights. They fought for what they believed in, something most people cannot say for themselves today. I'm really proud of that kid in the article above. He isn't fighting only for his right to free speech, which this clearly is. (Again, we're talking free speech with a disclaimer.) He's fighting against his discrimination. He is clearly a victim of reverse discrimination: his lawsuit wants to know why "other symbols aren't banned, including the Mexican flag, the Canadian flag, political campaign buttons and images of Martin Luther King Jr." I would like to know the answer to that question, too.

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  1. Did you know they are spending like 98 million dollars for the MLK park thingy??? I think we should teach some kids a trade and get them off the streets with this money. MLK, in my opinion would be totally devastated with what the whole black community has come to
    ..robbing each other, killing each other, drugs, kids having kids. His wish was to make everyone equal and make something outta themselves... He would be so dissappointed !!


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