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Revolting Bolt

Usain Bolt is a jackass. His showboating arrogance is absurdly rude and uncalled for. Even the IOC has criticized him. What makes this so profound is that he can't even wait to cross the finish line to start his flagrant show of disrespect. He starts slowing down 10 meters before the finish, throws his hands up, beats his chest, and looks around, as if to say, "look, no one is even near me". He even refuses to congratulate his competitors or even just shake hands after the event. If he would have just run out his races, he might have actually beat Michael Johnson's record by more than a pathetic 2 hundredths of a second--a difference so small that I'm not even sure the timers are capable of recording it without a margin of error that would make that record irrelevant. I realize he is probably the fastest man alive, but it just makes for some terrible sportsmanship. This is the Olympics. The Olympics is for champions. And, champions do not start showboating before their competition is even over. Champions are not sore losers. And, they are not sore winners, either.

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