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Crooked Smile

I don't tend to get all in to my feelings and emotions (other than anger, obviously) on here. I mostly keep my most private things, well, private. But, I really need to ask for your prayers right now. I know I seem like the reincarnation of Satan most days, but I definitely believe in God, and he is our Lord and Savior. And I know what amazing things he can do with our prayer. My grandfather had a stroke today. He cannot move his right arm or leg right now. They don't know much yet. I am going home this weekend to see how he is and get some more information. My Pawpaw Tommy has always had a crooked smile. It's his trademark. I just keep thinking how he must look right now--with the right side of his face drooping. At least he'll still have his smile. I sure don't feel much like smiling right now, though.

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