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Everyone Fat by 2048!

No wonder we're all a bunch of fat asses. People are too damned lazy to go DOWN a SINGLE flight of stairs. Yes, down. Yes, one flight. I get so sick of having to wait on the elevator to stop at the 2nd floor for someone to get on and go down ONE FLOOR. It's, like, 12 whole steps. Just take them! I can almost understand taking the elevator up one floor. Especially if you are elderly, extremely exhausted (for whatever reason), or injured, or if you have your hands full. I can even almost understand going down one floor in the elevator for most of those same reasons. But, when you are 23, 100 pounds, and chitter-chattering away on your cell to some other idiot (which is plenty offensive enough on the elevator as it is), TAKE THE STAIRS. You are completely able, and you are wasting everyone else's time. And, no, it most certainly is not faster to wait five minutes for the elevator. No, it isn't.

*For the record, I work on the 5th (top) floor of the building.


  1. You could still take the stairs! It is a great workout for free and nice calming time to yourself since everyone is on the elevator!


  2. I wish I could take the stairs but with this dang knee injury I will just get fatter and fatter cause they wont let me do a thing....Damn Dr's......

  3. Yeah, I know, Mom. I'm sorry. I know how you like to get out and walk and stuff. Maybe they will fix you up soon.


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