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Why You Don't Have 5 Children

So, this couple, on their mad dash to their plane, for which they were late, of course, forgot their child. My question is this: HOW THE HELL DO YOU FORGET YOUR CHILD?! I realize these people don't know what birth control is or where babies come from (hyperbole due to their choice to have five freakin' kids), but even if you have a dozen kids, how do you forget one? They are your children. Your flesh and blood. The worst part to me is that they didn't even realize they were missing child number five until forty minutes into the flight. FORTY MINUTES. And even then they didn't realize it. They had to be told by the airline crew. The police have said they will question the parents after they return from vacation on grounds of "suspicion of parental negligence". Um, can this really wait until after their vacation? Oh, sure, let the lunatics keep their kids in some foreign place where they can get lost and become another Madeleine McCann. Seriously, people, seriously.

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