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Kindness Anyone?

I must say I am a little disappointed in the show of human kindness. I'm not all for the whole oh-woe-is-me thing, but I don't think it would have hurt anyone to ask how my grandfather is doing. Not a single comment from cyberspace about it. No, "We're praying for you"s, or "My so-in-so had a bad stroke, and he/she/it is...."s, or "Fuck you and your whining ass"s. Now, I have to admit, the latter might have irritated me a little, but I have to think something is better than nothing. And that's all I got--nothing. Is this because (A) no one cares about the well being of another person? Or is it (B) no one knows what to say? Or is it (C) no one reads this shit? I'm hoping, for the sake of mankind, that the answer is C. But, for my sake, B might be better. I guess I care that no one reads my slobbering bullshit. I mean, I write this for me, but feedback is always important in life. That's how babies learn. I mean, even a def baby will coo, but if you stop giving it feedback and talking to it, it will stop. It's just human nature. In this case, though, it's so much more than my pathetic need for human interaction. My grandfather needs your thoughts and prayers. And I need them, too. So, if you're out there, and you give even the tiniest, itsy, bitsy shit, please let me know because it would renew my faith in the human race. Just a little. I mean, with the possibility that Obama will be running the US, and the fact that people will put him in that position, how much faith in people can you really have?

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