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Just Say Goodbye, Favre

Who gives a flying rats ass about Brett Favre? I mean, he can't even say his own name right. In fact, I don't think anyone can. Since when was Farve spelled with the v before the r? It's more like Favor or Favra or something about as gay as he is. Seriously, the guy is the biggest cry baby ever. I mean, we might as well just call him Ross Perot: "I'm running. I quit. I'm running. I quit." Damnit, man! Make up your mind! I mean, I realize there are about a million Packers fans out there, but they are all just a bunch of cheeseheads if they can't see that Aaron Rogers' time is here. I mean, when UGA let DJ Shockley play, the world did not come to an end. And the kid would have been playing for the Falcons last year when Michael Vick decided to be a flaming retard, but he got hurt in a damn preseason game. Yes, PREseason. The poor kid didn't even get to play a real game. But, alas, I digress. I'm just sick of hearing about Farve (sic). I think he's just got sand in his man lady parts. I don't give a hoot, anyway. I'm just ready for some silver britches!!!!

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