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Children Hurt by Adults' Tunnel Vision

I have a little problem with Arkansas' attempt to prevent unmarried couples from adopting or fostering a child. The item has been added to this fall's ballot, and the people of Arkansas will be able to vote as they so choose. That I have no problem with, of course. The problem I have is that they are not only excluding gays (which appears to be their target since they don't allow gay marriage), but they also prevent single persons or couples who do not wish to formally marry from providing a good home to children who otherwise would have very little. I am a big proponent of adoption and fostering. If I never married, I would want to be able to adopt a child. I think that the people who signed the petition to get this on the ballot probably were too blinded by the idea of doing everything they can to hinder gays that they failed to realize they were really hurting the children. While I certainly do not condone homosexuality, I do believe that many gay couples are fully capable of providing a loving home to a child. So, not only are singles and unmarried heterosexual couples getting shafted by this, those children who are not going to be adopted because of the sharp decrease in available foster or adoptive parents are really getting the short end of the stick in this raw deal. And, I can't imagine someone having grounds to say, "But, we are thinking of the children. Gays can't provide a proper home for a child!" I think that if a gay couple can pass the State's investigation for fostering or adoption, they are just as capable of loving that child and providing for it as any heterosexual couple. Like I said, I don't condone homosexuality, but gays have rights, too. That's the joy of this fine country. You have the right to freedom of speech and expression. And, not allowing a gay couple to adopt a child is pretty damn discriminatory, if you ask me. Not to mention all those heterosexuals who will be effected, as well. But, really, let's think about those children who need a Mommy and Daddy (or Mommy and Mommy, or Daddy and Daddy, or Daddy, or Mommy) to love them and care for them. That's what really matters here.

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