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Dear Bulldawgs, Please Don't Let Me Down has made their prediction for who will play in what bowl games. They have put UGA in the title game with USC. This is my letter to the bulldawgs:

Dear Bulldawgs,
I know I like Florida. That is just a fact that I cannot help. It comes from a time long ago--before you and I knew each other so well. But, you are my alma mater; and, most of the time, I am proud to have known you. You are supposed to be the "it" team this year. You are supposed to beat everybody in college football. My dearest Bulldawgs, please don't let me down. I am counting on you to come through. I am counting on you to not choke and drop the ball (pun intended). I know you have to suffer through another year of that son-of-a-bitch Stafford who is the biggest dickhead this side of the Mississippi who can't tell his ass from a hole in the ground, but please try to make up for his shortcomings as a man of wee brain and big ego. I don't want you to lose to my boy Tebow (He's got a smokin' hot bod! I'd fuck him sideways!*), but, by God, if you start playing like shit again, I'm jumping ship--even if Florida doesn't make the top 10 in the BCS--and I will not know you. Good luck and God speed.
Best Wishes,

*Note: I don't actually feel this way about Tebow, I just say that for Travis' benefit. A little inside joke for the two of us. You guys don't need to know everything!

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