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Let's Get Something Straight

I would like to make something perfectly clear. There is a common misconception among gun-fearing idiots.

Those who are pro-gun are not anti-gun control.

But, really, "gun control" is such an ugly term. Let's call it "safety laws". "Safety laws" are necessary for the well-being of the people of this nation. I am in no way an anti-government or anti-law liberal lunatic. Do I need to repeat that? Because I will. I AM IN NO WAY AN ANTI-GOVERNMENT OR ANTI-LAW LIBERAL LUNATIC. I believe laws and rules are necessary, and I believe guns are a legal right as outlined by the Bill of Rights as it is a series of Amendments to our Constitution, which, in fact, was part of the deciding factor which got it ratified.

However, the right to own a gun should be governed by "safety laws" which allow those who have not abused their rights to safely and legally own, handle, and carry guns. Those who have abused their rights, broken laws, and exhibited a threat to society should NOT be allowed to own and carry firearms. They are dangerous, and no one in his or her right mind would says they are not. Laws are required to prevent those people from walking into gun store and walking out with a deadly weapon. I honestly believe in the necessity of laws requiring background checks.

I even believe that it would be beneficial to implement a system that could go farther than checking your history of felony convictions. What about those people with severe psychological problems? They are quite possibly a large threat, and just because they have never done anything illegal doesn't mean they won't start tomorrow. Now, granted, this is the case for a perfectly sane individual. But, let's face it, if you're a couple french fries short of a happy meal, you probably just don't really need a gun. I'm just saying.

But, that doesn't mean everyone who has been to a shrink is a nut job. (I could go for some personal reasons, myself, and as private as they may be, they have absolutely nothing to do with my sanity and mental capacity.) I really find it hard to believe that my fellow 2nd Amendment supporters truly feel that laws that keep guns out of dangerous hands are a bad idea. Correct me if I'm wrong, pro-2A readers, but I just have more faith in your common sense than that.

I think anti-gun nuts paint a very ugly and extremely incorrect picture of those of us who actually give a damn about our Constitutional rights. Just because we have a few things in common with our fore fathers does not mean we are unreasonable and unjust. We are not the radicals you make us out to be. We are, in fact, merely exercising our explicit rights. How that is radical, I really just don't understand.

So, to you people who don't feel that owning and carrying guns is a God given right, I must point out to you again that it is, indeed, a Constitutional given right, and our choice to exercise that right is truly old-fashioned--not radical and extremist. And, I ask you, gun-haters, is it not radical of you to insist that we do away with the right to bear arms? I think it is.

So, the next time you decide to shoot off at the mouth (forgive my pun) about how extreme we gun-lovers are, remember this: we have guns, we carry guns, and we know how to use guns, and you, my dears, do not.


  1. The Constitution does not GIVE or GRANT rights - it RECONGNISES them.

    Big difference.

  2. Well, Honey, nobody is going to take you seriously if you A) don't have the balls to leave your name and B) you can't even spell recognize.


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