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New Buddies

We got to go to Alabama Blue Water Adventures yesterday. It was awesome! Our buddy that went with us has an underwater housing for his camera, and we took a couple good pictures, so if I can ever get them from him, I'll post those. But, in the mean time, I want you to meet my new buddies. The one near the top is in a kind of cylindrical shell. The one to the right is in a snail-type shell. They are both slug-like little things, and they are suction-cupped to the water bottle. (Don't you just love that cool perspective?! It is taken from the mouth of a water bottle) The big shell was a mollusk we found. It has something in it when we found it, but when Travis picked it up, it fell out. I think it might have been a pearl. I have no idea if that's even possible, but I don't think it was the thing that lived in there--the muscle thingy--because it just fell right out, and it didn't try to close itself. I kept it because it was empty. We just went and took the little guys to the lake here and put them back. I took a good picture of my shell. It is my souvenir!

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