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Bathtubs Save Lives

The picture above is from my hometown newspaper. It is a shot of the street where my grandmother lives with her daughter (my aunt). In fact, the house you can see part of to the left is my aunt's house. That window is my grandmother's room's window. A tornado touched down on the back side of her property. A good bit of trees were down. A lot of people didn't have power. No one was killed, and only a couple people suffered mild injuries. My cousin (my aunt's son) came home to find Grandma in the bathtub. I'm so glad she thought quickly and got in a safe place--an interior room with no windows. I'm happy to report that she's OK. I don't know if they have power yet or not--the phones aren't working. But, her friend told her she could stay with her if she needed to so she would have power to run her oxygen machine. I hate it that I can't be there, but at least I'll get to see her this weekend when I go home. I'm so grateful nothing worse happened.

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