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Crooked Smile Update #5

My grandfather is doing a good bit better. He can get out some words some times now. He still can't really talk most of the time, but he knows what he wants to say. If he can just get hold of that tongue of his, we are all in trouble. He had been moved to the temporary nursing home, but he was having some problems with the feeding tube they have in his stomach (still can't swallow, so he can't eat--tongue is the culprit here, too), so they moved him to the hospital for that. Dad said he walked to the bathroom twice the other day--on his own. That's a far cry from before when he could hardly move his leg. And, he can now lift his arm over his head. He still, unfortunately, does not have sensation in his hand.

When he was at the nursing home, he said someone hurt his arm in the middle of the night--like a nurse or orderly. They were investigating the claim when he had to be moved to the hospital. I hope he can just stay there. I don't want them abusing my grandfather. There is nothing lower than belittling or mistreating the elderly--especially when they cannot even talk to defend themselves or call for help!

He still gets very emotional and goes from being very upset and frustrated to sad and teary. He still thinks he is going to die. I keep trying to tell him that he can't think that. He has to believe he can do this. He has to believe he can talk, eat, walk, and live, and he will. I guess that goes for me, too.

All-in-all, I guess he is doing pretty good, all things considered. If he can just regain the ability to eat on his own, I think we will all be OK. If he never talks again, that's OK with me. We can figure out what he is trying to say. And, with him walking the other day, I think he's making good progress. He keeps saying he wants to go home. I guess he's trying to prove to us he can, in fact, go home and be fine. Unfortunately, his ability to talk clearly (and make sense) and walk without help seem to be intermittent, which worries me most. Please continue to consider my grandfather and the rest of our family in your prayers. Thank you.

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