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FYI: The J.O.B. Revisited

Since I posted about my new job a couple weeks ago, I have been pondering something. Since I now work for the State, I work in a location in which I am legally not allowed to bring my gun. So, basically I'm a sitting duck for a psycho who wants to run amuck at my place of work. I am becoming exceedingly irritated at this fact. I mean, if I worked for some jackass who just didn't want guns in his place of business, I'd still bring that shit anyway. I'd just keep it on the down low. Because, really, it's worth getting fired for--my life that is. And, in reality, my 2nd Amendment right is worth dying for, or it should be, so it is certainly worth getting fired over. It is, after all, what my forefathers fought and died for. But, in this case, I would not only be fired, I'd have broken a law, which would probably prevent me from carrying a gun ANYwhere EVER again in my future--which I hope is somewhat long, being that I'm not old and gray just yet. I just can't get this out of my mind. I love my Surefire E2D, but damn, that just isn't enough!

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  1. Get in your congressman's ear. The law can still be changed. I thought they would never get the "public gathering" provision removed but they did.


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