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FYI: The J.O.B.

So, I got this new fancy smancy job working for the State. I won't say doing what so as to somewhat protect myself from getting fired when I make racist comments, bitch about how shitty work is, and say otherwise unscrupulous and immoral things on this here blog. Because, let's face it, you assholes will try to get me fired just because I hate Dagmar.

So, I want to start out my bitching by saying that I can only work 19 hours in a week because I am part-time. According to the State, if you work more than 19 hours, you are eligible for benefits, and they are required to offer them to you. Well, whoopdeefuckingdoo with your benefits. I just need some damn money! My husband's work has much better insurance than the State at a much cheaper cost to us, so I could give two shits about that. I just need some cash!

Now, let me back up and say that I guess I wouldn't be so irritated by this if they hadn't interviewed me for a full-time position that they never got funding established for. Yeah, that's right. AFTER they drug me through THREE. FUCKING. INTERVIEWS. They let me know that funding hadn't been secured, and they weren't sure it would be. Well, lucky me, there just so happened to be a part-time opening because (guess what!) the funding didn't come through. Gotta love it.

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