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Consumer Reports Sucks

So, I'm sure you recall my new fancy smancy washing machine I got last month. You might also recall that I used Consumer Reports to help decide which one to get. Well, those fuckers liked me so much they decided they wanted to keep me for another month, which I did NOT authorize. When I signed up, I chose the one month option because I was only using it to help pick out a washing machine. I didn't expect to make any other big purchases any time soon, so I didn't want to sign up for a year. Well, I sign on to my Regions, and there it is--five dollars and 95 fucking cents of Consumer Reports. So, I put on my sweetest kill them with kindness voice, and I call the lady. I say that I did not intend to sign up for a year, and that was not clearly stated. I asked her to please refund the charge since I had not used the website, and I did not intend to, and she refused. So, I called her a bitch (which always makes me feel better), told her I'd call my bank, and I WOULD get my money back, and I'd complain to the BBB. Which I did. I love Regions! And the BBB.


  1. I've made that same mistake before, but not with Consumer Reports. I learned from that and now I don't sign up for SHIT anymore.

    If I want to check Consumer Reports I usually just go to the library and check their back issues.

  2. Thanks for the tip. It just really pissed me off. It's such a rip off, and it's downright dishonest business practices.


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