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Where Does That Money Come From???

So, I'm sure all of you have heard about the 30,000 people showing up to 100 available Section 8 homes in East Point, GA. But, have you heard the Regular Guys talk to the applicants? Unless you live in the metro area, I'm guessing you haven't. And, you need to:

Go here. (Yes, it's a download, but it is directly from their podcast, and I have no way of linking directly to it other than the file. It's not a virus.) And just listen. The most important part is around 7 minutes if you want to skip.

It's not enough that they are bitching that the housing authority wasn't prepared for 30,ooo people. Oh, no, they are expecting a fucking handout. As usual. The guy has no reason to be in government housing. No. Fucking. Reason. He's not handicapped. His children aren't handicapped. His wife baby-mama isn't handicapped. There is NOTHING wrong with him. Or his family. Or his ability to pay rent. He doesn't even give a sob story about being laid off (like so many of us who actually work) since, well, you have to have a job in the first place to get laid off. When they ask him where the money comes from, he acts like he doesn't know. They tell him. Then he's all like, "I figured." Well, if you figured the taxpayers were paying your lazy fucking ass' way, why didn't you get a job?! Because you're a worthless ass piece of shit, and you are what is wrong with our country! And, he's not happy or thankful about it. Because "some people might disagree with that". Yeah, some people might disagree with the fact that taxpayers pay your lazy ass fucking way. Like you. Right. Except you'd be fucking wrong. T-totally fucking wrong, asshole.


  1. OMFG. You are kidding me... These people know where the money comes from and they don't give a damn. Get your lazy ass out there and clean some floors, empty some trash or flip some hamburgers and be a REAL ROLE MODEL for that kid of yours !!!!

  2. Welcome to America. the land of Obama. It's just like the bitches interviewed in Detroit last year who were standing line for their "Obama money".

    Too many people are allowed to vote in this country.


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