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End of Month 1

I have been on the Metformin approximately one month. I have lost five pounds. FIVE POUNDS!!!! I know that doesn't sound like much for a month, but it is the first pound I've lost in years. I have tried and tried, but until now--nothing. So, let me outline exactly how I've been doing it along with the Metformin.

I have changed my diet fairly drastically and really stuck to my exercising. After dieting and exercising in every way imaginable and not losing, I had pretty much given up. I found that I could eat as much or little as I wanted (and do the same with exercising) and not lose anything but not GAIN anything either. So, I just decided to eat cake! But, since the Metformin, I decided to give it an honest try. I cut out a lot of sugar. A lot. I switched to practically all diet or calorie-free drinks. The exceptions are few: milk, OJ, and my morning cappuccino (which I make at home from a pod that has some sugar in it--I don't add any). I also cut out a lot of breads except whole wheats. I try to keep total carbs (in a serving) below 15g and sugar below 5g in most things I eat. I do cheat a little, but that's my guideline. In cutting down the sugar, I have decreased my calorie intake to some extent, but I am not focusing on that to the extreme. I do try to eat smaller portion meals at restaurants or split the meal in half immediately when it is served so that I box up and take home half of the meal. In terms of exercising, I am doing my elliptical at least every other day. Many times, I do several days in a row. I do not try to kill myself to get it in every. single. day. I have also been doing things on the weekends that are fun as well as a good workout--like hiking up a local mountain on the loose snow (like walking in sand--all. the. way. up. a. mountain!)

So, do I cheat on my diet? Absolutely. But, have I changed a lot of what I eat? Absolutely. But, for once, I am seeing results. A year from now, at this rate, I could be around 150 lbs. That would be phenomenal.

I hope this update gives you as much encouragement to try as it is giving me!

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