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I have been diagnosed with PCOS, polycystic ovary disease. As I'm reading a lot of forums and questions online, I realize there is very little information about this disease. I want to put this out there (and try to remember to update on it) for those who are google-ing obsessively, like myself. I'm hoping some women will stumble upon it and be helped in some small way.

Let me start at the beginning: I was a very active teenager, and I was always very thin. I don't think I capped 100 lbs before college. But, I am 5'2", so I wasn't exactly anorexic. I have always had a sleeping problem--for as long as I can remember. When I started Freshman year at UGA, I pretty much lost it due to lack of sleep. I went to the student health center, and a doctor there prescribed Trazodone once a day just before bed to help me sleep. I stayed on it for nearly 6 years. I started to put on a little weight during this time, and I chalked it up to the less active lifestyle of college and the sleeping pills, which are rumored to make you gain.

I graduated in May of 2007 and moved to Kennesaw, GA for my job. I was probably all of a size 6, maybe 125 lbs at the time. I was a very good size. But, I steadily and quickly started packing on pounds, despite living on the third floor with no elevator. I was getting concerned with the gaining because I honestly wasn't doing anything different--no change in diet, exercise, etc. After gaining 50 pounds or more, a doctor finally discovered my hypothyroidism.

I started taking Levothyroxin in 2008, and I have that under control. But, that control wasn't achieved before I peaked out at 215 lbs. (Recall that I am 5'2".) I thought at that point I could surely lose the weight--being that my thyroid was supposedly doing its thing now. But, after several months, and purchasing my elliptical to do at home due to the embarrassment of swishing my fat ass at the gym, I still wasn't losing.

I decided to come off birth control pills to see if that helped. Not only that, but I'd been on them for 10 years (started at 15 to help regulate periods), and I wanted to see how my cycle would go because my husband and I were getting ready to start trying for a family. Still nothing. Not to mention the fact that I went 40 days without a period, only to get one that was barely worth calling a period and lasted only a day.

My doctor finally referred me to an Endocrinologist, whom I grossly detest. But, she recommended more testing, which produced results of elevated testosterone. I was subsequently subjected to a glucose tolerance test and later diagnosed with PCOS.

Fortunately, I haven't grown a penis. (Joke!) Unfortunately, I do have many of the symptoms, including weight gain, severe acne, and irregular and light periods. I have been fortunate enough to not have excessive hair growth, but I have noticed a tiny amount of hair at the corners of my mouth getting darker. It used to be this white peach-fuzz like the rest of my face.

The doctor prescribed Metformin, 500mg, twice a day. I have been taking it since December 14th. I have yet to really notice much difference. I have tolerated it well, unlike many of the people I've read about online, so I wanted people to know it isn't terrible for everyone. I do have some diarrhea, but it isn't severe. I'm used to stomach upset, though, because my dad has Crohn's disease, and while I don't think I have it, I do share some of his symptoms. So, maybe it would be worse for a normal person.

As of today, I haven't lost any weight to speak of. I've been cutting way back on sugars--making sweet tea with Splenda, drinking diet soda, changing to whole wheat bread, etc. But, nothing yet. My husband and I haven't started trying for a child just yet, but my periods are not yet regular, and I'm not convinced I am ovulating yet. I can't say for sure. My acne does seem to be somewhat diminished, which is great because it sure exploded when I quit the pill--a good indicator of my PCOS because the pill is one f the treatments (probably the reason no one ever realized I have it). I do feel like I have more energy during the day, but I have been wanting to sleep 10 and 12 hours a night during my break from work (30 days off as a requirement from the State--don't get excited, it was without pay), but I go back on Monday, so I'm sure that will put an end to that.

I hope to update soon as to my weight, energy level, menstrual cycle, and other symptoms. I'm only 3 weeks into the Metformin, so I am hoping things will start to look better in the next few weeks. I go back to the doctor on the 21st, so we will see then how my levels look.

I don't know that anyone out there searching for answers will find this, much less find it helpful. But, I wanted to get this out there.


  1. So what are the odds of this? I Google my washer model number, find your post, decide to look at your other posts, and come across this! Wow!
    I was diagnosed with pcos at the tender age of 16. I'm 28 now. I had been having problems for years. My dr was totally unfamiliar with pcos, and sometimes I think she questioned the validity of it. It's been a struggle, because like you said, very little is known about this disease. I've found out more from doing my own research.
    Unfortunately I have a severe case of pcos. I have every known symptom. I was initially put on birth control to regulate my periods. I stuck with those until I was married and my husband and I started trying for a baby. We tried unsuccessfully for almost 4 years. I happened to be at my new gyno, and ended up seeing her nurse midwife, who told me I should be on Metformin. I started the Metformin and got pregnant fairly quickly after that. Unfortunately I miscarried at 9 weeks. The Metformin made me extremely sick, but I kept up with it.
    We conceived again around two months later. I developed gestational hypertension. It turned into pre-eclampsia which went undiagnosed, and as a result my daughter died shortly after being delivered by emergency c-section.
    Thank you so much for your posts. I'm glad the metformin has been easy on you! I really need to get back on it again. I gave up on it after my last pregnancy. I hate the side effects, but it is worth it.
    It's a constant struggle dealing with this crazy disease, but you've given me the kick in the butt I needed to get back on track. I have a lot of weight to lose. It was a relief though, to finally understand why I have struggled for so many years, and still am, with my weight.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Emily, I am so glad you found me! I too have a lot of weight to lose, but it is finally working. I hope you can continue the treatment. I have found that eating less sugar and carbs helps tremendously with the stomach upset. I am so sorry to hear about your problems having children. We have been trying for three months now with no luck. I am afraid I may be in the same boat. I'm sorry your symptoms of PCOS are so uncomfortable! I know I am lucky to not have a few of them. But, I hope with more awareness comes more effort, so maybe we will see advances with treatment in the near future. Good luck to you in everything, and I sincerely appreciate you stopping by!


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