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End of Month 2

I have lost another 10 pounds or so this month for a total of about 15 pounds since I started the Metformin for my PCOS. There are many sources citing little to no difference in weight loss for people who take Metformin versus those who don't with equal diet and exercise, but I am here to say, it makes a HUGE difference. I am doing nothing different than I have tried in the past--in terms of calories in and exercise amounts, but I have dropped almost 2 pounds every week since I began. That says results to me. Plus, my sex drive and my ability to orgasm are off the charts again. I hadn't had an orgasm in about three years. I used to have no problem getting there, and I had a healthy sex-drive, but the past several years have been horrible. Now, I have the sex drive I had as a 20 year old, plus I can get to the big O in less than a minute most times. This helps tremendously if you are trying to conceive. It makes it a lot easier if you actually want to have sex! My husband isn't complaining either...

I am still having some diarrhea, but it is very tolerable and only bad when I cheat too much on my diet. By cheating, I mean eating too many carbs/simple sugars. I've found a lot of great foods with lower carbs/sugar. There are some Special K crackers that are low in carbs and calories that I found to eat with my Laughing Cow cheese--also a great low calorie snack. Also, I have replaced potatoes in my pot roast with parsnips. With the beef broth in there with the carrots and meat, they take on a great flavor and have a similar texture as potatoes, but they have lower carbs. I'm still learning how to eat well.

I'm very pleased with how things are going, and it feels good! Good luck to anyone starting their journey with PCOS!

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