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[Insert Expletive Here]

I am fucking over this wedding. I definitely am wishing for the courthouse right about now. I'm just fucking sick of this shit, and we'll be lucky if we make it through it. Just damn.


  1. That is what me and the Misses did,got gussied up and got hitched at the courthouse. And while I renewed my GFL,seeing the marriage license and gun permit are both at the Probate Court. Pretty damn convenient if you ask me.

  2. I married in a courthouse, and, yes, it is a lot easier. But, in a way, I wished we had went all out and had a big wedding.

    Just breathe, smile, and know that it will be worth it. ;-)

  3. Get married in the backyard or in the park! The whole industry of the event kills the love. So many people making us think things have to be a certain way.


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