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Miss Plan Maker Breaker

You have that friend. The one who ALWAYS says "Oh, we should get together! I haven't seen you in forever!" And, you make tentative plans, and you never hear from her. And, you don't bother calling because the last six times you called in this situation, she just ignored your call and never called back. Yes, she is Miss Plan Maker Breaker. She makes plans for the sake of making plans but never fully commits. That way, she never really breaks plans, but she never really meets you either. I have a "friend" like this. I say that because we know she isn't really your friend if you don't see her for two years, and she ignores your calls.

I love Facebook. Not. I got a message on Facebook from said "friend" about my impending doom wedding. She said we should get together for lunch some weekend soon. And, I'm like, sure, why not. I mean, I never had a problem with you. You just dropped me like a bad habit once I set you up with my boyfriend's best friend and my boyfriend and I broke up. Yeah, so much for being appreciative of my matchmaking skills. Anywho, I digress. So, I tell her to give me her address so I can send a wedding and bachelorette party invitation. I just got her response card back. She is now suddenly out of town that weekend. Not to mention that we still haven't had lunch, and I haven't talked to her since that day.

Yeah. Great friend that Miss Plan Maker Breaker.

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