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"Uh, You Don't Know Who I Am?"

So, I have this article here that someone sent to me out of pure meanness because he knew it would force me to write a blog post because I loathe a certain Georgia quarterback. Uh hem.

Anywho, the article is here. It states that the 49ers don't want Stafford because he won't open up to a shrink. It says they want him to talk about his parents' divorce. I don't really care about that. What I get from this article is that the son of a bitch is so goddamned arrogant, he thinks he can get on any team he wants any way he wants. And the 49ers just said, nah uh--their way or the highway. Somebody better have his walking shoes on. I, for one, am very pleased by this. Why?

Well, let's recap my history with said quarterback genius (cough), Matthew Stafford:

I'm signing people in at a fraternity (who shall remain nameless) party because they have some stupid rules about underage drinking and stuff. A kid walks up to me, and the following is the conversation that takes place:

Me: "ID please."
Stupid Freshman: "Uh, what?"
Me: "I. Need. To. See. Your. ID."
Stupid Freshman: "Ha. You don't know who I am?"
Me: "Ha. No, I don't, and I don't really give a damn either."
Stupid Freshman: "Uh, Matthew."
Me: "Uh, Matthew, I need your ID."
Stupid Freshman: "Uh, Stafford."
Me: "Uh, Stafford, I need your ID."
Stupid Freshman: "I'm Matthew Stafford." (Long pause.) "The quarterback."
Me: "And, I'm Jesus. Now, give me your ID."

You get the point. I didn't give two shits that the kid knew how to throw a football. He's arrogant, and he's an ass, and that loses games. He lost games for Georgia because of the big head. He will lose them in the NFL because of the big head. Someone needs to bust his little bubble.


  1. Don't you just love the arrogance of some folks? This jackass thought he was the greatest thing put on Earth by God,yet he is just as improtant or irrelevent as the rest of us.

  2. I knew you didn't like him, but you never told me that story. What an ass. I think that any team that's gonna lay out those kinda bucks for a first round draft pick has every right to get in their head a little. And judging by his reaction, it told them all they need to know.

  3. Cool anecdote. The priveleged ones...those who can throw a ball. Says a lot about our society. The joke will be on him one day.

  4. LOL this is too good. People think everyone OWES them something and in fact will never amount to much on their own.

  5. Well if he is going to lose in the NFL, that pretty much wraps him up as the Lions first rounder.

  6. Yes, I really like football players too.



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