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My New Toy!

Meet my new toy. It is so awesomeness! My PDA wouldn't work on campus because it is ancient--but still wonderful, and I still use it... So, I rushed right out and bought me a mini lap top. It's soooo cute! Gag. Anyway. It's pretty close to my old laptop--but a third of the size and weight. It's much more portable, and I love it. Two things to be aware of if you are looking at mini laptops. 1) They run XP--not Vista. Vista is huge and honking and sucks anyway. So, no biggie. 2) There is not currently a mini I know of that has a CD/DVD drive. You have to get an external (~$75). Still, no biggie. This thing is perfect for trips and day to day use. The screen on mine is the 10-inch instead of the 8.9. It makes a HUGE difference. Do not get an 8.9-inch screen. Microcenter has good deals on them in general, but I prefer the HP. I got it $50 less than the HP site price. Now I'm off to play with my cutesy wootsey widdle bitty lappy toppy. (Makes gagging noises.)


  1. They are really cool, unless you have big, clumsy fingers like me. I need a full-sized keyboard, so I just sold mine with less that a few days use on it.

  2. Yeah, mine is only 92%, so it's very close to the regular size. Plus, I have midgit baby hands.


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