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"The NAACP Ain't Got Nothin' on N----- Hatin' Me..."

Alternate Title: N----- Against All Caucasian People

My lovely (and instigating) mother sent me another bullshit article from the Athens paper. Apparently, the NAACP is pissed because all the darkies are getting suspended more than the chalkies. I mean, really. Are you surprised? Aren't most of the men in prison black? If it's the blacks that are causing the trouble, bringing the guns, drugs, and fights to school, shouldn't they be the ones suspended? I speak from experience, having spent 10 weeks teaching 13-14 year old kids from the projects and poorer side of Pauling County. I wrote-up six kids. They all received ISS, not suspension. Of those six, only one was black. Yes, just one. And, we all know which side of racist I lean on. That should tell you something right there.

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