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Confession: I Do Drugs (Legally)

Well, it's been quite some time since I've graced you with actual blogging. As I was driving home today in my husband's truck, "Big Red" (see below), which I am more than certain is short for Big Redneck Truck (since I call it that), I was just thinking. And, you know what I was thinking? I was just thinking, I'm happy. I'm happy even though I'm about to be at the end of my temporary position and have no idea if I'll get my unemployment back. I'm happy even though I am living in my in-laws' basement. I'm happy even though I'm completely exhausted. I'll be honest with you, it's probably the Paxil my doctor gave me a few weeks ago when I was a basket case. He also gave me Xanax "for when it's really bad". LOL The Ambien he gave me didn't last long. I was hallucinating. Not fun. Especially if you are not doing it for recreational purposes!

Big Red(neck Truck)

But, maybe, just maybe, in a more simple and forgiving world, I'm happy because I have a new dishwasher (with no electrical hookup for it and no cabinet to put it in).

Maybe it's because I have a new stove with glass top and self cleaning oven (with no electrical hookup for it).

Maybe it's because I have a new counter and cabinets with a new (redneck rigged) sink and faucet.

Maybe it's because I have a new counter top (just sitting over beside the minute amount of usable counter space).

Maybe it's because I have a new (ghetto) bathroom with a new (secondhand) counter and sink (which is an honestly huge improvement over the blue sink that was there--see below), shelving rack (because there are no cabinets), new shower (with plastic walls on a metal tub with chips in the PINK paint).

Maybe it's because I have a new curtain that cinches up all cutesy wootsey (and completely impossible to make like the picture) because there are no curtains available in the range of 25" to 35" to fit above the new air conditioner (which we have because we have no air down here, and it wouldn't matter anyway because my father-in-law controls the temperature, and he is always freezing, and I'm burning up to death like I'm in the pits of hell with a hot poker shoved up my ass sideways).

Or, maybe it's because of my super cactus (which now has this fungus-looking shit on it, and I think it's going to die).

Nah, it's probably the Paxil. Oh, drugs. They do make life grand!

KIDS! Don't do drugs!

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  1. Or maybe it's because you have a new best friend who you never get to see.. haha.. nope it's got to be the drugs..But maybe the sink and stove play a small part in it too...


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