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But, but, but...

OK, so apparently no one wants to hear my version of the soapbox lecture. I hate that. I mean, when you live in metro-Atlanta, is there a day that goes by where you get to work or get home without some jerkface cutting you off or breaking his neck to beat you off the redlight so he can get in front of you and TURN? When you work in something like engineering, is there a day that goes by where someone, be it your client, your boss, your underling, your contractor, your whatever, has to piss and moan about something or crawl your case? How many days go by that there isn't some really good reason to get up on your soapbox? I don't have that many. I can't remember one since I moved here. Honestly. I'm rather saddened by that realization. I absolutely must move.

I am currently looking for a house or duplex to rent in Acworth or northern Kennesaw, but my lease isn't up until May. I need to get away from the mall area and all this development.

I don't understand development mentality all that well. I mean, I grew up a stone's throw from my grandparents, and the closest grocery store was 15 minutes away. In Kennesaw, you can drive 15 minutes and see 15 grocery stores. And that's not much of an exaggeration.

I miss home. I try not to miss home. I don't want to go home. But, my dad hasn't even been to see me once since my "house"-warming. (I live in an apartment, so it was sort of make-shift since it was my first place.) My mom has only been out here a few times. And, my grandmother, my guardian angel, isn't really in good enough health to come out here. I can only go home every six weeks or so because I always have something to do; and, honestly, it takes a lot out of me to go home. Everyone wants to see me, everyone wants to do something, everyone thinks they are the only person I know in the greater-Athens area. Boo.

I guess I just have a lot to get off my chest; so, unfortunately for those who don't want to hear it, I guess this will be mostly soapbox--for at least a while. But, I think we can learn about people from their soapbox issues. We wouldn't be so heated about something if it didn't mean so much to us. Passion is everything.

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  1. Passion IS everything! I agree! Use this for therapy and remember it is YOUR blog, you can write whatever you feel like. Miss you!


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