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So, I went to the chiropractor yesterday for the first time ever. I can't say I'm a new person already, but I definitely can tell a difference. I was blown away when he told me that one of my hips was 3/4 in off, and one of the bones in my neck was protruding 1 in. I was completely awed when he told me that my back problems were causing my insomnia. I hadn't told him I had insomnia, and it wasn't in my file anywhere. I actually made it through dinner at Chili's in one of those terribly uncomfortable seats without having to get up once or leave after eating and go wait in the car for my boyfriend to get the check. I can't remember the last time I made it through a date without experiencing excruciating back pain. I'm not trying to count my chickens (or ducks) before they hatch, but I really don't think chiropractors are the quacks most people make them out to be.

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