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I Blame the Media

You gotta blame someone, and I blame the media. For what, you say? Well, for pretty much everything, but in this particular instance I mean the Illinois school shooting. I think the media fans and fuels the flames of pain and suffering. If the news didn't talk about it 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a month on every damn news channel and website, the shitheads who do this stuff wouldn't get off on it so much. It just gives the next guy ideas. They give you every minute detail, so George sitting at home can say, "Well, that was dumb. I'd do it like this..." And, thus, we have Illinois from Virginia Tech. And let me just say that guns DO NOT kill people. People kill people. If guns kill people, spoons made America obese, pencils misspell words, and cars make people drive drunk. I do not believe we should have our right to bear arms taken away, but I do think psychological problems should be included in background checks for weapons. However, if you outlaw guns, the only ones who will have guns are outlaws. Alas, I digress. I just think the media could do their part to remember those who were killed and injured without showing people getting shot up, blue/red lights flashing everywhere, and the obscene vulgarities that are the media vultures. I do give credit to the nutjobs of Columbine, though. They were pretty original. Before that, not much of America had ever heard of a school rampage. So, maybe I should blame the media and those guys. After all, if it weren't for them (the nutjobs and the media), others may never have come up with the idea and the balls to do it. At least those guys got what they wanted: the Columbine killers are legends. Everyone knows who they were.

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  1. I agree totally. Our average everyday citizen, I think in my opinion, is getting used to the rights that we are slowly giving up. Such as first several years ago they MADE us wear our seat belt, we folded. Then the black boxes in cars, GPS, Red light Cameras, for that matter Cameras everywhere you look. We are being watched everyday and people just let it go and accept BIG BROTHER !!!


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