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Like a 9 Volt Battery

This has been a really nice weekend. I have been in a rut lately. I miss my family, and I've just been so tired. But this weekend was lovely. I got my new scuba gear on Friday, and it fit perfectly and is awesome! Then my mom and stepdad came to see me yesterday and stayed overnight. Mom bought me a new bra and Travis bought me two more. I got the leopard print, the black, and the white. I really needed them because I broke two wires in the past couple of weeks, and the wire keeps coming out of another one. I got my car washed. And Travis and I gave each other our Valentine's gifts today. Yeah, we know, it's early, but we don't care. We knew what they were anyway. He got me a Tiffany bracelet that matches my necklace, and I got him an HP PDA. He's playing with it right now. I know most people want smartphones, but it's counterintuitive to have a phone attached to your calendar. How are you supposed to make appointments when you are on the phone? I'm not going to put someone on speaker in public. That's retarded. Anywho. It's been a really great weekend, and I feel a little bit recharged. I'm going to the chiropractor for the first time tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it. My back has been messed up for a long time now, and I'm hoping I can get a little relief. Cross your fingers for me.

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