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Let me start by saying that I loathe bicyclists. It would be fine if they would stay on the edge of the road and ride single-file. But they can't. They have to be assholes who ride in the middle of the road and four wide where you can't pass.

So imagine how pissed I am when I see this article about bicycles taking over downtown Atlanta (as well as several other metro cities in the US) every month on the last Friday of the month. They just block traffic and ride through downtown Atlanta on a Friday evening--one of the worst possible traffic moments in Atlanta. I swear to Egyptian cotton I would run over one of those bastards with my SUV if they tried to block traffic and run red lights while I had to sit through a green light in downtown.

They claim this creates awareness and helps to foster a share-the-road attitude. It just pisses me the hell off. The audacity. The inconsideration. I'm sorry...wait, no, I'm's a fact that slower traffic should yield to faster traffic, which is why there is a left lane on the interstate, but don't get me started on that can of worms. I'm steaming enough as it is. When a car comes up behind a bicycle, it is only right to MOVE OUT OF THE DAMN WAY. If you don't, cars are going to hate your hippy, tree-hugging ass even more, and they will try even harder to run you down next time.

I applaud you for trying to do something to decrease your carbon footprint. That effort, however, does not require a holier-than-thou attitude. You do not own the road either!

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